Media Missions

As a church, we've seen first-hand how technology can be used to access places and people never reached before. It's bold new mission field, we're excited to engage and multiply, bringing the love of Jesus to the world through digital tools and communication channels.

Our Focus

We're embracing technology with a multifaceted media ministry that's designed to be seen and heard across the country and beyond.

Social Media

Creating a space for people to connect and socialize online.

Graphic Design

Creating eye-catching images to draw interest and stop the scroll.

Website Design

Work on our website never stops. It is the start of media presence online.

Video Production

We are broadening our global reach by broadcasting our church services.


Capturing memorable moments to share on our website, social media and print materials.

Evangelize through the Media

Do you have a passion for technology? Become part of our evangilism team and use your creative skills for God's glory.

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Join with us as we:

  • Reach new audiences online.
  • Create free online content.
  • Purchase essential new equipment & software.
  • Continually maintain our web presence.
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